14 Jan 2020
Why use Ready Mix Concrete?

Why use Ready Mix Concrete? | Colson Transport


Ready-mix concrete, what wonderful stuff! It has many different uses and is widely used in the construction industry. It’s great! A true tried and tested material to satisfy all your construction wants and needs. It does what it says on the tin, well on the mixing barrel or batching plant, and with these methods, it saves you two very important things: time and money! 


There are two main ways to provide you with ready mix concrete. The traditional method and the volumetric method. Both have their pros and cons depending on what you would like: 


  • The traditional method is barrel mixed – This is where the concrete is manufactured and mixed in a batching plant, according to a proposed set of proportions. The mix is then delivered to where ever you need them, the transit (barrel) mixer will mix continuously, which delays it from setting until it arrives.


  • Volumetric concrete – This is the most effective way to order and use ready mix concrete! In this method, the concrete is delivered and mixed in a mobile volumetric concrete mixer. The best part is that the mixing process does not begin until it arrives at the site. The ingredients are kept separate in different chambers during the journey, which results in many benefits over all other forms of delivered concrete


Did you know? – Concrete was first used in Ancient Rome, making it over two thousand years old.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using ready mix concrete, it is versatile and can be used for many different of your construction needs. Maybe you aren’t feeling so inspired, so let’s change that. Get adventurous in your spare time and start a new project, what about tackling the kitchen and transforming it into a place you want to spend more time in. A new kitchen needs a solid foundation and this is where ready mix concrete comes in. Maybe the structure of your kitchen floor might need a little help. Also, what better use of ready mix concrete than building a new extension on your property (obviously check for planning permission first)? This will turn out to be a big project depending on your time and skill level, why not take advantage of our ready mix concrete services to create a stable foundation for your new space. 


Last but not least, how about new flooring for your or a loved one’s bathroom? Maybe your loved ones are looking for a bathroom transformation and after something more accessible like a disabled wet room. Having a level and solid foundation for any bathroom is crucial, this is when using ready-mix is ideal because you can measure up and order the correct amount of concrete you will need to get the job done.  


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