16 Feb 2022

Why Purchase A Scrap Trailer

Scrap comprises leftover raw materials, often gotten during mass production, which can be reprocessed and have a high recyclable and monetary value. These materials could be in the form of aluminium, iron, nickel, brass, carbide, lead, and copper, which are categorised under ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Transporting these raw materials could prove challenging, especially when they are in large quantities. This is where the use of a scrap trailer is needed, as it helps transport these materials with ease at a go, depending on the quantity. So, if you get to work in the mass production of items, we always recommend that you purchase a scrap trailer.

At Colson Trailers, we offer the best deals in the purchase of scrap trailers, as our products are robust and competitively priced, at a low cost but high value for your business. These scrap trailers are made from the finest of steel and can cope with the heaviest scrapes. 

Be it in the construction, aggregate and rock haulage, or agriculture industry, our scrap trailers will tend to your needs, as they are designed specifically for those needs. As a company that has been involved in the scrap sector for decades, we understand clearly what is needed in a scrap trailer, to meet the requirements of this demanding sector. 

Why then purchase a scrap trailer when you could easily hire?


Purchasing a scrap trailer may seem unnecessary, but it will prove to be a wise investment in the long run. A one-off purchase here at Colson Trailers is more cost-efficient and beneficial to your business, as a purchased trailer is relatively cheaper. With recurring hires, you make payments whenever the need for a scrap trailer arises, which depending on its frequency in a year, you could spend way more than you would if you purchased a scrap trailer. 

Ease of use

Purchasing a scrap trailer from Colson Trailers will mean having total control over it and always having it at your disposal, which will aid the ease of use. You will neither be limited to a specific time slot nor pay a penalty fee if you exceed your time slot. With this purchase comes transporting your scraps at your convenience with no worries whatsoever.

Trailer Livery Service

This service is a perfect means of showcasing your business to potential customers, as purchasing a scrap trailer from us can entail reaching thousands of them. Using our Trailer Livery service also entails standing out amongst your competitors, which is also a cost-effective marketing strategy. Because we understand the importance of this, we aim to provide the highest quality when it comes to your scrap trailer livery. Your branding could be applied to the entire trailer or just a section of it; either way, the choice is yours. We will gladly collaborate with you to create what is most ideal.

High Resale Value

Because of how well made our scrap trailers are, if well taken care of, you could resale yours in the future at almost the price of the original purchase.


So, what is it going to be? Are you ready to purchase a scrap trailer and want a quote? Why not get in contact with us now and get the best deals in scrap trailer purchase. Also, you can give us a call on 01773424210, so we cater to your scrap trailer needs.