15 Oct 2019

Weird and Wonderful Appliances Made Out Of Concrete

Due to its strong and durable characteristics, concrete is used on nearly every major construction project. In fact, it has become by far the most used material in the construction industry. Modern society is, quite literally, built on it. However, as you are about to learn, the practical uses of concrete are not limited to large building structures.

Structural stability is just one of the many benefits of concrete. The building material has much more to offer in terms of design and functionality. Concrete has a very distinctive aesthetic that, when used imaginatively, can create character and results in a satisfying smooth finish. While it can be dyed to create different colours, it is the natural light grey colour of concrete that has established the material as a chic, modern design feature.

To spark the creative side in you, below we have put together a list of some of the more weird and wonderful applications of concrete. You will soon realise that what is possible with concrete is not as finite as you might think!


Concrete Iphone Case

Available at: posh-project

This concrete Luna iphone case designed by the innovative Korean design firm Posh Craft is nothing short of stunning. The natural air bubbles visible on the concrete skin are left to create a uniquely unrefined finish, echoing the simplicity of modern concrete architecture. Because of this, each case produced is different, since the air bubbles will form in a new pattern each time.

The case is made from flexible concrete, so it offers great protection for the phone. On top of this, the case actually adds very little bulk, meaning it is robust and practical.


Concrete Watch

Available at: 22designstudio.net

This elegant concrete watch is a creation of 22, a creative design studio based in Taipei, who specialise in handcrafted accessories made out of concrete and steel.

Its design is a very simple one, effortlessly highlighting the natural beauty of concrete as a material. For instance instead of numbers, each hour section is represented by a slightly raised level of concrete within the watch face. This creates a staircase effect spiralling around the timepiece.

Concrete Speakers

Available at: concrete-audio.com

The innovative German firm Concrete Audio have combined their passion for music with an eye for minimalist concrete aesthetics. The results look and sound amazing!

According to Concrete Audio, the weight and density of the casing prevents vibration. This means the speakers produce an authentic, clear sound that is unique to speakers made using concrete.


Concrete Lamp

Available at Etsy!
This Basic Twelve concrete lamp designed by Plato Design, will light up your room in more ways than one.

Each geometric lamp has 3 magnetised sides, so multiple lamps can attach to each other, to create intriguing formations that will direct light in different ways across a room. Once attached, each individual lamp can rotate, so there are many different possibilities to change the angle of the lighting in a room. Alternatively, a single lamp could be used on its own, as a reading light for instance.


Colson Transport

The above designs prove that if you are creative enough, the possibilities for using concrete are endless. As a material it has so much to offer in terms of durability, strength, aesthetics, flexibility and practicality.

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