16 Apr 2021
ryan colson garden clearance

Ryan Colson Guide To Clearing Garden Waste

With spring here and the weather starting to get warmer, people around the country are getting back to working on their gardens again. If you fancy yourself as a gardener and you’re planning a DIY garden project, you might want to know what the best way is to quickly clear all of your garden waste. We’ve asked our CEO Ryan Colson for his top tips on clearing garden waste effectively and efficiently, which you can learn more about below.


On Using Your Recycling Bin, Ryan Colson Says:

If you’ve got a small amount of garden waste, from clearing some bushes, mowing the lawn, and those types of activities, you’ll be fine to dispose of the waste in your brown or green bin provided by the council. However since these are only collected every two weeks, and you can only fill it once in that time, this might not be enough if you’re tackling a larger project.

There are also other free methods you might consider, such as collecting the waste and burning a bonfire or perhaps even using an incinerator. Although these methods aren’t always appropriate, and you’ll need to check the rules with your local council as there may be time restrictions on when you can light a bonfire.

If you have a considerable amount of garden waste, these methods probably will not be enough. In this case, you might want to explore one of the options below.

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On Driving to the Tip, Ryan Colson Says:

If you can break down the garden waste so that it fits in your car, you could take it to your local tip or recycling centre. This is affordable and a great option for some, but it has its downsides too, as garden waste is very messy and can be awkward to fit into a car. If you do have access to a trailer or van, this would be a better choice.

However we don’t all have a van or trailer waiting for us to fill with waste, nor the time to make several trips back and forth to the tip. So you might want to consider using a professional waste removal service, for the convenience and peace of mind.

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On Hiring a Skip, Ryan Colson Says:

Hiring a skip is a great choice if you’re tackling a large garden or DIY project that will produce lots of waste. There are a wide range of skip sizes to choose from, so you can find a size to suit your needs and budget. The main benefit of having a skip is that it can remain on your driveway for 10 days (or longer if you wish), so when tackling a big project over a few days or weeks, you can continuously fill it with waste.

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On Hiring a Skip Bag, Ryan Colson Says:

Skip bags are an excellent and affordable option when it comes to clearing garden waste. If you’ve got too much waste for your recycling bin, but not quite enough to justify hiring a skip, a skip bag is the perfect solution for you.

Skip bags are strong, large and waterproof bags used like a small skip. A skip bag is collected, along with the waste inside by the waste management service and taken out of the user’s hands. They are becoming increasingly popular, as more people learn just how practical they can be.

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