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Half Pipe Trailers For Sale

Colson trailers produce a very robust and competitively priced steel half pipe trailer. We have manufactured this half pipe trailer to the highest of standards to cope with just about any material such as aggregates, muck and rock.

Our half pipe tipper trailers are both durable and reliable, developed specifically for high production activities in hard-wearing environments. We make sure that our trailers are durable and are able to keep material moving in high volumes in order to help lower your cost-per-tonne when transporting. For longevity and reliability, make sure you choose Colson Trailers!

Why Buy Your Half Pipe Trailer With Us?

Our half pipe trailers for sale are suitable for all ranges of industries including construction, aggregate & rock haulage and agriculture. Each of our half pipe trailers comes with the following features:

  • Hardox body
  • Hyva ram
  • Saf axles and air suspension
  • Lifting first axle
  • Bridgestone or Pirelli super singles
  • Jost Landing gear
  • Wabco EBS
  • Aspock electrics

We even offer a trailer livery service where we can brand up your trailer with your company colours so that you can advertise your business on the go.

Looking For Something a Little More Bespoke?

If you need a trailer that is a little more specific to your needs, just let our team know as we are able to assist with the manufacturing of different types and sizes of trailers.

Our range of high-quality trailers is suitable for all ranges of different industries.


Interested in our half pipe trailers for sale or want to book a demo? Then please complete our form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Half Pipe Trailer FAQs

    What’s the difference between a scrap trailer and a half pipe trailer?

    Both half pipe and scrap trailers are ideal for use on construction and building projects, with Colson Trailers delivering straight to the desired location. Scrap trailers are used to fill with scrap materials from construction sites before sending them to be recycled. They have a high volume and are mainly used to dispose of scrap metals.

    Whereas half pipe trailers are designed for transportation rather than removal. Half pipe trailers reduce the price-per-ton transported, saving your business money when relocating materials. These trailers are more suited to heavier materials, given their strength and durability.


    So whether you are in the agricultural industry, construction or mining, by investing in a half pipe tipper trailer, you can transport your goods safely and securely.

    Why would I need a half pipe trailer?

    If you are looking to transport a high volume of dense materials from site to site, or to a construction area, half pipe trailers are the ideal choice. Given their low price-per-ton transported cost, they are affordable for every business. Half pipe trailers are known for their durability and strength, able to withstand a large volume of heavy loads without any hindrance to their performance.

    How long can I hire a half pipe trailer for?

    The standard period for half pipe trailer hire is 10 days, with the option to extend your hire week by week. If you have hired a half pipe trailer and it has already been delivered to your site, you still have the option to extend your hire period. Colson Trailers can arrange this all for you, simply contact us if you wish to hire a half pipe trailer or if you’d like to extend your hire period.

    What are half pipe trailers used for?

    Half pipe trailers are used for the transportation of heavy construction materials, to a building site or between locations. Companies may use them if dense metals or others matters need to be moved to a different site, due to their high durability and strength levels. These trailers are designed specifically for harsh environments, keeping production rates high and cost low. Materials are moved at high speeds, quickly taking a load to the new location for a low price.