12 Dec 2019
Colson Transport ENDS Report Blog

Colson Transport in ENDS Report


We have some great news!, We have been featured in the ENDS report magazine. We are very pleased with this honour and have constructed this blog post to tell you about what we have achieved and what this means for us. Before we start, we would like to thank you, the reader of this blog and also to our amazing workforce and customers.


First of all, you may be wondering what is an ENDS report and why is it such a significant deal? The ENDS Report is the UK’s No 1 source of intelligence for environmental professionals, analysis, delivering news and reference across the environmental, carbon and sustainability agenda. They were founded in 1978 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience making them a source you can rely on. So the fact we have been recognized by ENDS report for our environmental upgrade is phenomenal news. For a bit of background on why this is a great achievement, nearly 1,600 sites lost their compliance ratings between 2016 and 2018 and this can have consequences of a compliance rating downgrade. 


Most companies wouldn’t want to talk about their compliance rating even if they were to have theirs upgraded or their experiences. Well, we are the exception to that, we had our rating upgraded from D to A between 2016 and 2018. 


Ellie Colson, who is our director of transport and compliance at Colson Transport was quoted saying “We have ensured that we have implemented more robust policies, procedures and management plans, alongside experienced staff and site operatives to safeguard the A rating of our site. This has ensured we have continued to grow as a company.” 


We are very happy to have achieved this rating and Ellie has also shared the ethos so that others can make the transformation as well. We at Colson’s are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and providing our customers with a quality service. If you have any questions about us or any of the services that we provide then give us a call 01773765720, email info@colsontrailers.co.uk or visit our website to learn more.